Effect of bacterial inoculants on the preservation and nutritive value of whole-plant corn silages



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Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service


Inoculated and control corn silages were compare d using pilot-scale silos. Inoculated silages (Pioneer inoculant 117 4 and 1132) had significantly higher lactic to acetic acid ratios, and numerically lower values for DM loss, acetic acid, ethanol, and ammonia-nitrogen than the control silage—evidence that both inoculants produced a more efficient fermentation . Although the inoculated silage rations had higher DM intakes than the control, nutrient digestibilities were similar for the three silages . These results are consistent with numerous studies that compared untreated and inoculant-treated silages over a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions in our research during the past several years.



Beef, Silage, Innoculant, Preservation, Corn