Vacuum-packaged versus conventionally packaged ground beef: the influence of packaging on consumer acceptance and flavor characteristics



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Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service


Vacuum-packaged ground beef was compared to a conventionally packaged (polyvinyl chloride) product to determine consumer flavor and aroma preferences. In addition, flavor characteristics were described and quantified by a trained panel. Consumer panels slightly preferred the cooked beef flavor of the conventionally packaged product and the raw aroma of the vacuum-packaged product. Conventionally packaged samples displayed for 3 days and then cooked were slightly less beefy, less fresh, more stale, slightly less bloody/serumy, slightly less sour, and had less of a metallic mouth feel than vacuum-packaged samples stored 12 days and cooked. Throughout display, flavor of the vacuum-packaged samples was more consistent than that of the conventionally packaged samples. Based on flavor and aroma characteristics, vacuum-packaged ground beef should compete favorably in the marketplace.



Beef, Ground beef, Packaging, Flavor, Consumer