Design of a central telephone exchange




Schottler, Martin William
Haan, Samuel P.

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Introduction: In designing this plant we have endeavored to meet the requirements of an up-to-date telephone exchange. With the increasing demand for the telephone, comes the necessity of improving the arrangement and the apparatus used in the exchange, to obtain quick and reliable service. Telephone men have been and are still bending all their energies in this direction. Not only is quick service an important factor, but it is of great moment to the subscriber. As the laying of cables under ground is becoming one of the necessities in large cities, we have assumed that our lines are to be layed in the best possible manner, using, only reliable conduit material, and a good grade of copper in the cables. Our purpose in using copper wire rather than iron wire is, that if at any time a change of material was desired the copper would always bring in a good return, while the iron wire would have small value. The use of copper in under ground cables cuts down depreciation to a considerable extent.


Citation: Schottler, Martin William and Haan, Samuel P. Design of a central telephone exchange. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1907.
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Telephone Exchange, Telephone Line Installation, Telephone Network Design