Scattering of electromagnetic waves by many small perfectly conducting or impedance bodies



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Citation: Ramm, A. G. (2015). Scattering of electromagnetic waves by many small perfectly conducting or impedance bodies. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 56(9), 21. doi:10.1063/1.4929965
A theory of electromagnetic (EM) wave scattering by many small particles of an arbitrary shape is developed. The particles are perfectly conducting or impedance. For a small impedance particle of an arbitrary shape, an explicit analytical formula is derived for the scattering amplitude. The formula holds as a -> 0, where a is a characteristic size of the small particle and the wavelength is arbitrary but fixed. The scattering amplitude for a small impedance particle is shown to be proportional to a(2-k), where k epsilon [0,1) is a parameter which can be chosen by an experimenter as he/she wants. The boundary impedance of a small particle is assumed to be of the form zeta = ha(-k), where h = const, Reh >= 0. The scattering amplitude for a small perfectly conducting particle is proportional to a(3), and it is much smaller than that for the small impedance particle. The many-body scattering problem is solved under the physical assumptions a << d << lambda, where d is the minimal distance between neighboring particles and lambda is the wavelength. The distribution law for the small impedance particles is N(Delta) similar to 1/a(2-k) integral N-Delta(x) dx as a -> 0. Here, N(x) >= 0 is an arbitrary continuous function that can be chosen by the experimenter and N(.) is the number of particles in an arbitrary sub-domain Delta. It is proved that the EM field in the medium where many small particles, impedance or perfectly conducting, are distributed, has a limit, as a -> 0 and a differential equation is derived for the limiting field. On this basis, a recipe is given for creating materials with a desired refraction coefficient by embedding many small impedance particles into a given material. (C) 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.