Ethics of political parties



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Introduction: "Any section of men who nominate candidates of their own for presidency and vice-presidency of the United States, constitutes what is known as a political party”. There have been many political parties since the first was organized. There has been a constant struggle between them for supremacy. Part of the time one is in the lead, and the rest of the time is occupied by others. There have always been at least two great political parties in this country, and this fact perhaps accounts for the continuous rapid growth of this nation as compared with some others. History shows that the secret of the many political revolutions in France and the Spanish-American republics, have been caused by the want of two great political parties to check each other and Champion the rights of the people. Wherever republics have fallen, the fall has been the result of struggle between minority parties. Without political parties, this nation would be helpless in the choice of a president who would command the respect of the nation, and could have no legislation that would satisfy the ants of the people; but while these parties seem essential to progress, and we as well as others, have progressed by them, do we conclude from this that while our people as a result of progressive evaluation, have risen from the lower depths of ignorance to a higher, and still higher standard of knowledge and morality, until they have reached the present high standard, that while all others things must either progress or die, our political parties have been perfect from the beginning, and do not need to be changed to suit the times and requirements of the people?


Citation: Correll, Willett Ramson. Ethics of political parties. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1898.
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Party Growth Necessary, Evils of Political Parties, Social Persecution