3D seismic attributes analysis in reservoir characterization: the Morrison NE field & Morrison field, Clark County Kansas



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Kansas State University


Seismic reservoir characterization and prospect evaluation based 3D seismic attributes analysis in Kansas has been successful in contributing to the tasks of building static and dynamic reservoir models and in identifying commercial hydrocarbon prospects. In some areas, reservoir heterogeneities introduce challenges, resulting in some wells with poor economics. Analysis of seismic attributes gives insight into hydrocarbon presence, fluid movement (in time lapse mode), porosity, and other factors used in evaluating reservoir potential. This study evaluates a producing lease using seismic attributes analysis of an area covered by a 2010 3D seismic survey in the Morrison Northeast field and Morrison field of Clark County, KS. The target horizon is the Viola Limestone, which continues to produce from seven of twelve wells completed within the survey area. In order to understand reservoir heterogeneities, hydrocarbon entrapment settings and the implications for future development plans, a seismic attributes extraction and analysis, guided with geophysical well-logs, was conducted with emphasis on instantaneous attributes and amplitude anomalies. Investigations into tuning effects were conducted in light of amplitude anomalies to gain insight into what seismic results led to the completion of the twelve wells in the area drilled based on the seismic survey results. Further analysis was conducted to determine if the unsuccessful wells completed could have been avoided. Finally the study attempts to present a set of 3D seismic attributes associated with the successful wells, which will assist in placing new wells in other locations within the two fields, as well as promote a consistent understanding of entrapment controls in this field.



Viola limestone, 3D Seismic, Reservoir characterization, Morrison field, Seismic Attributes Analysis

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Abdelmoneam Raef