Strawberry culture in kansas



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Introduction: The best location for strawberries is an East slope with soil of a strong loam and a cool well drained subsoil, but they will flourish on a great variety of soils. They should never be planted on dry sand, chalk, or dry gravel, but in some instances they will flourish on a gravel which has a mixture of clay. The soil should be prepared as for other fruit, by extra deep cultivation. It is best to plow deep and subsoil with subsoiling plow. Then it should be thoroughly pulverized, leveled and rolled. The land should be perfectly clean and in good condition. It is best to put on a heavy coat of manure, which should be thoroughly mixed with soil before the plants are put out. The time for setting out plants in Kansas is either in April, or September, but they may be put out any time during the summer months under favorable conditions. The month of April is the best, unless the plants are put out early enough in September to enable them to become established in the soil before winter, otherwise they are liable to be lifted out of the soil by the frost. There are many methods of planting strawberries; some do well in hills, some in wide matted rows, and others do best in narrow matted rows. The different methods must be determined by the kind of soil, the place to be planted and scarcely of the land.


Citation: Moore, William Henry. Strawberry culture in kansas. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1894.
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