Effects of growth stimulating implants and implanting sequence on steer performance



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Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station


Three trails used 264 steers to evaluate the effects of 36 mg zeranol (Ralgro) and 20 mg estradiol benzoate plus 200 mg progresterone (Synovex-S) implants on performance of steers during one growing and two finishing studies. Daily gain during the 105-day growth trial by steers implanted with Ralgro ®. Before a 151-day finishing trial, equal numbers from each implant group in the growth trial were re-implanted with either R or S so we had four implanting sequences each of two implants: SS; SR; RS; and RR. Implant sequences SR, RS, and RR all gave similar performances and produced faster (P<.05) gains than implant sequence SS. Combining the growing and finishing phases into a 256-day implanting program resulted in no significant differences in daily gain by implant sequence. In a second finishing trial, we compared a single implant of S or R in a 108-day trial. Rate of gain did not differ significantly. Also, carcass measurements did not differ significantly by implant.



Beef, Implants, Steers, Performance