Influence of invention on industry



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Introduction: Deduct all that were of the humbler classes have done for England in the way of invention only, and see where she would have been, but for them.” One of the most strongly marked features of the English speaking people is their spirit of industry, standing out prominent and distinct in her past history and as strikingly characteristic of them now, as at any former period. It is this spirit which has laid the foundation, and built up the industrial greatness of this country. The career of industry which the nation has pursued has also proved its best education. There is no bread eaten by man so sweet, as that earned by his own labor. By labor, the earth has been subdued and man redeemed from barbarism, when has a single step in civilization been made, without it.


Citation: Stingley, Orville Ashford. Influence of invention on industry. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1896.
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England, Industry, Education, Labor, Civilization