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Introduction: The home – that great center of the universe, that inspiration point of thought and hope, that most vital of all institutions, is the oldest of them all. It is the oldest in purpose, in design, in need and in structure. All others have change in every essence beneath the ravaging hand of Time – institutions have been altered beyond recognition, religion has changed its creeds, forms of worship and method of work; but the home is the same today in all its essentials as it was when Abraham and Sarah kept house in a tent – one husband, one wife working together in the training of the children playing around their knees. Every nation, no matter how weak the insignificant, how barbarous and uncivilized, has some form of expression to convey the thought of home – a dwelling place, and abiding place of affections, a place of rest, “ that sacred refuge of our lives.”. Among the essentials of a home – to make it a home in the true sense of the word – is first of all privacy. Nothing less than four walls and a roof can make a home, whether it be the frugal protection afforded by the plain walls of a tent, or the strength and comfort of the most beautifully decorated wall of a modern mansion., Whatever be its form and structure the home must afford privacy and seclusion. Love is another important essential to a home, for without this feature the four walls serve merely to mark the confines of an abiding place. No matter what the form or structure, the home must be a place of refuge and a school.


Citation: Smith, Emma Estella. Evolution of the home. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1903.
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Home, Privacy, Seclusion, Dwelling