National Agricultural Biosecurity Center

dc.contributor.authorMach, Carolina C.
dc.contributor.authorOlberding, Lisa Marie
dc.contributor.authorHallaq, Tom G.
dc.contributor.kstateMach, Carolina C.
dc.contributor.kstateOlberding, Lisa Marie
dc.contributor.kstateHallaq, Tom G.
dc.description.abstractAnimal Disease Response Training is a one-day, eight-hour awareness-level course for the non-traditional agricultural responder in rural communities. Many of those on the front line of defense during a high-consequence animal disease outbreak will not come from a primary workforce involved in emergency response. As state and federal agencies become involved during the escalation of the response, those at the local level will be able to provide more effective support if they understand the concepts involved in biosecurity, quarantine, cleaning and disinfection, euthanasia and disposal, and other response related concepts. Through better understanding of the concepts and a familiarity with the terminology used in high-consequence animal disease response, the non-traditional responder will be able to provide more timely and effective assistance. These classes will be taught throughout the US using mobile training teams and logistical support from National Agricultural Biosecurity Center.
dc.publisherKansas State University
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dc.titleNational Agricultural Biosecurity Center


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