The dynamical systems method for solving nonlinear equations with monotone operators



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A review of the authors’ results is given. Several methods are discussed for solving nonlinear equations F(u) = f, where F is a monotone operator in a Hilbert space, and noisy data are given in place of the exact data. A discrepancy principle for solving the equation is formulated and justified. Various versions of the Dynamical Systems Method (DSM)for solving the equation are formulated. These versions of the DSM include a regularized Newton-type method, a gradient-type method, and a simple iteration method. A priori and a posteriori choices of stopping rules for these methods are proposed and justified. Convergence of the solutions, obtained by these methods, to the minimal norm solution to the equation F(u) = f is proved. Iterative schemes with a posteriori choices of stopping rule corresponding to the proposed DSM are formulated. Convergence of these iterative schemes to a solution to equation F(u) = f is justified. New nonlinear differential inequalities are derived and applied to a study of large-time behavior of solutions to evolution equations. Discrete versions of these inequalities are established.



Ill-posed problems, Nonlinear operator equations, Monotone operators, Non-linear inequalities, Dynamical systems method