Wintering heifer calves that are to be fattened for the summer or early fall market.



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Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station


Previous tests have shown that two or two and one-half pounds of grain daily will winter heifer calves well, which are to be full fed for an early market either after wintering or following wintering and grazing without grain 75 to 100 days. This wintering phase was preparatory to grazing and feeding. Comparisons are being made of full feeding in the dry lot and feeding on bluestem grass and brome grass of both the well-wintered and rough-wintered heifers. The objectives of this work with heifer calves are:

    • To determine the best methods of utilizing grass in fattening heifers. 2 - To develope systems of fattening heifers that may be adapted to varying farm and ranch conditions. Dehydrated alfalfa and dehydrated brome grass pellets were compared with soybean meal, cottonseed meal and linseed meal as protein supplements in the winter rations.



Beef, Heifers, Bluestem grass, Brome grass, Protein