Relation of invention to progress



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Introduction: Toward some unseen goal man’s ingenuity is ever leading him. Progress is the universal derive to the race. Nations and men eagerly grasp every means of advancement. Wonderful are the faculties of man but more equal in depth of interest or scope of utility his inventive genius. “To invent is to create. To create, the prerogative of divinity.” In physical power man as compared the brute creation is far inferior: but man, by his marvelous genius, can command the fiercest brute, or invent tools to tunnel the very depth of the universe. He harnesses wind and fire, and drives them his tireless steed over continents and seas. One of the most strongly masked characteristics of the English speaking people, standing out prominently in their part history, and as strikingly characteristic of them today as at any former period is their spirit of industry.


Citation: Tulloss, William Guy. Relation of invention to progress. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1898.
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Inventions, Compass, Printing Press, Powder and Fire-Arms