The origin of the Percheron horse

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dc.description Citation: White, Wayne. The origin of the Percheron horse. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1905.
dc.description.abstract Introduction: To the reader of this article the writer will frankly state that his object is to present his subject in as condensed his and. concise a aver possible For this reason many details of minor importance have been omitted, there being an abundance of literature on equine history that treats the subject in a more exhaustive manner; hence, as stated before, the writer's aim is to give the principle and main facts in this historical sketch, as he knows them. The Percheron horse of today descended in common from the same original stock as the other local draft breeds of France, the Boulonnias, Bretons, Picards, Argerons, etc. They are all roman horses, the Boulonnias or Bretons were from the same primitive stock. The reason that they were known by their respective local names was due to the political divisions of France at this period, (about 800 to 1600 A.D.). No one can tell the difference between any particular named strain of Norman blood when placed on the market in a mixed herd. A Percheron can sell for a Boulonnias or vice versa In fact then, as well as at the present time, these types were interbred The colt is reared in one section and when six months of age is bought by the feeder, who moves him to a different locality. The young animal is broken to work when about two years old. Two years more finds these Percheron horses at the large horse fairs or markets, where they are sold for the various purposes to which heavy draft horses are adapted. With this kind of treatment it becomes self-evident why the local narned draft breeds of France are so closely related. In this historical sketch the names Norman and Percheron will be used as synonymous, for their ancestors, after their type became fixed, were known over all Europe as the Norman horses; and their early history was not marked by any names peculiar to a locality or province. They were the Norman horse from Southwestern Gaul (Southwestern France) to England, and they had the same elastic temperament, mildness, patience, great size, and hardy constitutions which are their characteristics today.
dc.rights Public Domain Mark 1.0
dc.subject War Horse
dc.subject European Black
dc.subject Bays of Morocco and Arabian Stock
dc.title The origin of the Percheron horse
dc.type Text 1905
dc.subject.AAT Theses

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