Rift Valley fever virus structural and nonstructural proteins: recombinant protein expression and immunoreactivity against antisera from sheep

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dc.contributor.author Faburay, Bonto
dc.contributor.author Wilson, William C.
dc.contributor.author McVey, D. Scott
dc.contributor.author Drolet, Barbara S.
dc.contributor.author Weingartl, Hana
dc.contributor.author Madden, Daniel
dc.contributor.author Young, Alan
dc.contributor.author Ma, Wenjun
dc.contributor.author Richt, Juergen A.
dc.date.accessioned 2013-10-11T18:42:18Z
dc.date.available 2013-10-11T18:42:18Z
dc.date.issued 2013-10-11
dc.date.issued 2013-09-13
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/2097/16650
dc.description.abstract The Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) encodes the structural proteins nucleoprotein (N), aminoterminal glycoprotein (Gn), carboxyterminal glycoprotein (Gc), and L protein, 78-kD, and the nonstructural proteins NSm and NSs. Using the baculovirus system, we expressed the full-length coding sequence of N, NSs, NSm, Gc, and the ectodomain of the coding sequence of the Gn glycoprotein derived from the virulent strain of RVFV ZH548. Western blot analysis using anti-His antibodies and monoclonal antibodies against Gn and N confirmed expression of the recombinant proteins, and in vitro biochemical analysis showed that the two glycoproteins, Gn and Gc, were expressed in glycosylated form. Immunoreactivity profiles of the recombinant proteins in western blot and in indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay against a panel of antisera obtained from vaccinated or wild type (RVFV)-challenged sheep confirmed the results obtained with anti-His antibodies and demonstrated the suitability of the baculo-expressed antigens for diagnostic assays. In addition, these recombinant proteins could be valuable for the development of diagnostic methods that differentiate infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA). en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.relation.uri http://doi.org/10.1089/vbz.2012.1285 en_US
dc.rights This is a copy of an article published in Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases © 2013 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.; Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases is available online at: http://online.liebertpub.com. en_US
dc.subject Rift Valley fever virus en_US
dc.subject Structural proteins en_US
dc.subject Nonstructural proteins en_US
dc.subject Immunoreactivity profiles en_US
dc.subject Sheep en_US
dc.title Rift Valley fever virus structural and nonstructural proteins: recombinant protein expression and immunoreactivity against antisera from sheep en_US
dc.type Article (publisher version) en_US
dc.date.published 2013 en_US
dc.citation.doi 10.1089/vbz.2012.1285 en_US
dc.citation.epage 629 en_US
dc.citation.issue 9 en_US
dc.citation.jtitle Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases en_US
dc.citation.spage 619 en_US
dc.citation.volume 13 en_US
dc.contributor.authoreid bfaburay en_US
dc.contributor.authoreid wjma en_US
dc.contributor.authoreid jricht en_US

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