Redundant residue number system based space-time block codes

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Show simple item record Sengupta, Avik 2012-08-01T13:41:53Z 2012-08-01T13:41:53Z 2012-08-01
dc.description.abstract Space-time coding (STC) schemes for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems have been an area of active research in the past decade. In this thesis, we propose a novel design of Space-Time Block Codes (STBCs) using Redundant Residue Number System (RRNS) codes, which are ideal for high data rate communication systems. Application of RRNS as a concatenated STC scheme to a MIMO wireless communication system is the main motivation for this work. We have optimized the link between residues and complex constellations by incorporating the “Direct Mapping” scheme, where residues are mapped directly to Gray coded constellations. Knowledge of apriori probabilities of residues is utilized to implement a probability based “Distance-Aware Direct Mapping” (DA) scheme, which uses a set-partitioning approach to map the most probable residues such that they are separated by the maximum possible distance. We have proposed an “Indirect Mapping” scheme, where we convert the residues back to bits before mapping them. We have also proposed an adaptive demapping scheme which utilizes the RRNS code structure to reduce the ML decoding complexity and improve the error performance. We quantify the upper bounds on codeword and bit error probabilities of both Systematic and Non-systematic RRNS-STBC and characterize the achievable coding and diversity gains assuming maximum likelihood decoding (MLD). Simulation results demonstrate that the DA Mapping scheme provides performance gain relative to a Gray coded direct mapping scheme. We show that Systematic RRNS-STBC codes provide superior performance compared to Nonsystematic RRNS-STBC, for the same code parameters, owing to more efficient binary to residue mapping. When compared to other concatenated STBC and Orthogonal STBC (OSTBC) schemes, the proposed system gives better performance at low SNRs. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Kansas State University en
dc.subject MIMO systems en_US
dc.subject Redundant residue number system en_US
dc.subject Space time block bode en_US
dc.subject Distance aware mapping en_US
dc.title Redundant residue number system based space-time block codes en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Master of Science en_US
dc.description.level Masters en_US
dc.description.department Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering en_US
dc.description.advisor Balasubramaniam Natarajan en_US
dc.subject.umi Electrical Engineering (0544) en_US 2012 en_US August en_US

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