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In this annual forum, graduate students present posters of their research or scholarly work to the K-State community. Ten presenters are selected to represent K-State at the annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit (CGRS) held in the spring at the State Capitol Building, where graduate students present their posters to state legislators and the public.


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    Transforming K-12 Education By Blending the Ubuntu Philosophy and Social Justice Principles
    (2023-10-01) Wiafe, Ernestina
    Considering the highly diverse nature of U.S population, there is no surprise for the calls for a socially just education and a transformative diverse pedagogy in schools seeking to promote a sense of community and belonging. The researcher is of the view that while sections of the population such as Native Americans, People of African Ancestral Origin (Blacks), and Hispanics come from a background of oppression, marginalization, limited opportunities, and exclusion, a blends of ubuntu philosophy and Social Justice principles can be essential to enact K-12 students with values capable of cultivating consciousness about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). • Ubuntu is an ancient African worldview associated with humanness or being humane (ed. Letseka, 2000; Caracciolo & Mungai, 2009 ). • It translates to I am because you are, you are because I am. Ubuntu concerns with ‘I/We’ which are more acceptive of interdependence, as opposed to the ’I/You’ relationships, which assert individualism (Letseka, 2000).