K-State 48-Hour Film Festival Submissions - 2016

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    The Sketch
    Long, Nathan; Hush, Shannon; Hergott, Ryan; Nguyen, Vy
    Credits: Story-Nathan Long, Shannon Hush, Ryan Hergott. Director-Nathan Long. Cinematography-Nathan Long, Vy Nguyen. Post Production-Shannon Hush, Nathan Long, Ryan Hergott, Vy Nguyen. Cast- Ryan Hergott, Nathan Howe. Extras-Justin Cain, Cooper Dahms, Alex Kuchinskas, Lindsey Leardi, Brent Higgins, Kelly Pyle, Nathan Long, Shannnon Hush, Vy Nguyen.
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    The Stranger
    Sarvis, Abby; Hagen, Kate K.; Long, Jessi; Reeder, Caroline; Irwin, Rey
    Cast: Charile King Hagen, Kate King Hagen, Abby Sarvis, Caroline Reeder, Jessi Long
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    Thanks for the Memories
    Dunlap, Ariana; Stenzel, Carlie; Rogers, Matthew; Nyhart, Rachel; Butler, Christopher; Lynch, Bridget
    Credits: Kay and Roger Shanks, Ariana Dunlap, Carlie Stenzel, Matthew Rogers, Rachel Nyhart, Christopher Butler, Bridget Lynch.
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    German, Harold D.; Akers, Tana; Amarilla, Santiago; Radabaugh, Zach; Weers, Clarissa; Woofter, Jay; Worley, Blaine
    Credits: Director-Harold Dakota German. Cast-Tana Akers, Santiago Amarilla, Zach Radabaugh, Clarissa Weers, Jay Woofter, Blaine Worley. Music-“Birthday Cake” by Jahazzar, “The Great Avenger” by Silent Partner.
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    Craig, Karly; Patterson, Nick; Copeland, James; Curtis, Katherine; Mills, Kenia
    Credits: Director-Karly Craig. Producers-Nick Patterson, James Copeland. Director of Photography-Nick Patterson. Writers-James Copeland, Karly Craig, Katherine Curtis, Kenia Mills, Nick Patterson. Editing- James Copeland, Karly Craig, Katherine Curtis, Nick Patterson. Cast-Danielle Golway, James Copeland, Karly Craig, Kenia Mills, Kelsey Horn, Anthan Swearingen, Sam Welch, Zach Bird. Music-APM Music, “Half Speed,” “Coloured Warmly,” “Aerial and Spherical.”
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    Williams, Anthony; Kabus, Conrad; Woodward, Safiya; Mitchell, Jasmine
    Cast: Simphony Guiden, Safiya Woodward, Anthony Williams, Jasmine Mitchell, Conrad Kabus
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    Credits: Pradeep, Sofi, Zayed, Asrar, Saide
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    Alhunaiyyan, Abdullah; Cabanas, Adriana; Al-Awaji, Turki; Alsulami, Anwar; Almutari, Abdullah; Peterson, Will
    Cast: Hazem Kotami, Lulwa Al-Qaoud, Ricardo Gimenez, Denise Bernie, Adriana Cabanas. Special Thanks: Anwar Alsulami, Abdullah Almutari, Will Peterson.