The Geography of The Rainbow Trail



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Some of Zane Grey's most memorable and stirring geographic descriptions are featured in the pages of The Rainbow Trail. The passages devoted to Red Lake Trading Post, Navajo Mountain, and the Tsegi (spelled Sagi in this book) capture the character of the landscape exceedingly well. I argue, however, that Grey's evocation of the overland route on the north side of Navajo Mountain to the Rainbow Bridge-the eponymous "Rainbow Trail"- is unsurpassed in its accuracy and exceptional liter31Y style. Prior to reaching this point in the book, Grey weaves together a geography of real places, such as Kayenta, with mythical places, such as Stonebridge and the village of sealed Mormon wives.


Citation: Blake, Kevin. 2015. The Geography of The Rainbow Trail. Zane Grey Review 30(2): 16-17, 20-21.