A Study of Neutron Leakage in Finite Objects


A computationally efficient 3DHZETRN code capable of simulating High charge (Z) and Energy (HZE) and light ions (including neutrons) under space-like boundary conditions with enhanced neutron and light ion propagation was recently developed for simple shielded objects. Monte Carlo (MC) benchmarks were used to verify the 3DHZETRN methodology in slab and spherical geometry, and it was shown that 3DHZETRN agrees with MC codes to the degree that various MC codes agree among themselves. One limitation in the verification process is that all of the codes (3DHZETRN and three MC codes) utilize different nuclear models/databases. In the present report, the new algorithm, with well-defined convergence criteria, is used to quantify the neutron leakage from simple geometries to provide means of verifying 3D effects and to provide guidance for further code development.


Citation: Wilson JW, Slaba TC, Badavi FF, Reddell BD, and Bahadori AA. 2015. A Study of Neutron Leakage in Finite Objects NASA/TP-2015-218692 NASA Langley Research Center: Hampton, VA http://ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=20150002822


NEUTRONS, Leakage, Nuclear Models, Light Ions, Computer Programs, Monte Carlo Method