Pandemic band: musicking and growth in unprecedented times


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The lessons discussed in this report will demonstrate my application, adaptation, and reflections on the philosophies and methods I have cultivated during my graduate studies at Kansas State University. Based on the Remote Beginning Band Curriculum I developed in Summer 2020, both lessons demonstrate the impact my Master’s studies had in preparing me for one of the most unique and challenging teaching settings I may ever face: remote beginning band. The two lessons reviewed in this report pull directly from concepts outlined in my curriculum, with a focus on the time-honored traditions of learning how to perform lines from the method book and introducing eighth note rhythms for the first time. With an emphasis on maintaining the integrity of content and adaptation of content delivery and modes of student response in a remote setting, these lessons give a glimpse into the daily life of beginning instrumental musicking in the virtual realm. My studies have had a substantial impact on my teaching, reflection, and growth as an educator. I have learned a slew of techniques, methods, and tricks to implement in the classroom and have also developed a larger perspective and philosophy regarding the profession and the role I wish to play in it. I am better able to prioritize and organize my teaching to help maximize student learning in meaningful and lasting ways. By better understanding my own beliefs of what music education means to me in immediate and global contexts, I have learned to consciously align my day-to-day lessons and teaching with bigger goals and objectives for myself, my students, and my program. This has proven invaluable to my pandemic teaching style and has allowed me to focus my energy on the power of instrumental musicking and cultivating the joy and positive human interactions that come with it. By weaving the power of musicking into my curriculum and teaching, my students and I have all been gifted with a safe place to learn and grow as musicians despite distance and the challenges of learning (and teaching!) instrumental music in cyberspace. As I look into the future and past my final summer of coursework, I am excited for the continued evolution of my philosophy and the ways in which it will guide myself and my students in enjoying the lifelong journey of musical creation, performance, and response.



Musicking, Instrumental music, Lesson plan, Middle school, Beginning band

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Phillip D. Payne