Photograph album, Hershberger no. 1


circa 1910-1940

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This album contains photographs and postcards from the 1910s through the 1930s collected by Frank C. Hershberger during his life and travels, including many photographs of individuals as well as animals. Locations identified in the photographs included: Fort Riley, Kansas; Camp Marta, Texas; Jasper National Park; Fort Davis, Texas, Fort Monroe, Virginia, Camp Lee, Virginia; Diamond, Wyoming; Indiana, cities in Manchuria (Sansing, Aigun/Ta-hai-ho); Siberia, the Amur River, and the Sungari/Songhua River. There are several photographs of the United States Army transport (USAT) Meigs ship. There are also postcards from the Taj Mahal in India, and several cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Koblenz, Cologne, Stralsund). The album contains more information on people and locations, handwritten on photographs as well as on the scrapbook pages.