Effects of high-grain or high-roughage transition diets on finishing performance of cattle previously fed high-concentrate growing diets



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Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service


Three hundred twenty-eight crossbred beef steers previously fed high-concentrate growing diets had ad libitum access to one of two transition diets prior to initiation of the finishing phase. Transition diets consisted of 58% steam-flaked corn and 30% alfalfa hay or of 23% steamflaked corn and 65% alfalfa hay (DM basis). Average daily gains, dry matter intakes, and feed efficiencies during the transition phase were greater for steers fed the high-grain diet than for steers fed the high-roughage diet (P<.01). This resulted in heavier carcass weights at the end of the subsequent finishing phase for steers fed the high-grain transition diet (P<.05). Average daily gains and feed efficiencies in the finishing phase were not affected by the type of diet fed during the transition phase (P>.20).



Beef, Transition Diet, Grain, Roughage, Finishing cattle