High-harmonic and single attosecond pulse generation using plasmonic field enhancement in ordered arrays of gold nanoparticles with chirped laser pulses


Coherent XUV sources, which may operate at MHz repetition rate, could find applications in high-precision spectroscopy and for spatio-time-resolved measurements of collective electron dynamics on nanostructured surfaces. We theoretically investigate utilizing the enhanced plasmonic fields in an ordered array of gold nanoparticles for the generation of high-harmonic, extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) radiation. By optimization of the chirp of ultrashort laser pulses incident on the array, our simulations indicate a potential route towards the temporal shaping of the plasmonic near-field and, in turn, the generation of single attosecond pulses. The inherent effects of inhomogeneity of the local fields on the high-harmonic generation are analyzed and discussed. While taking the inhomogeneity into account does not affect the optimal chirp for the generation of a single attosecond pulse, the cut-off energy of the high-harmonic spectrum is enhanced by about a factor of two.



Single attosecond pulse generation, Extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) radiation