Library discovery through augmented reality: a game plan for academics



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In order to create innovative pathways to services and resources, the authors propose placing a “game-layer” on top of the library, luring new patrons with the potential of playing an Alternate/Augmented Reality Game (ARG). Using both physical and virtual library space a variety of “nodes” are created, drawing players to various library locales even regular patrons may be unfamiliar with and presenting them with story fragments and puzzles. Each node requires players to use library resources like databases and books, or engage library staff at known service points in order to move forward. Players contribute to the game itself in the form of puzzle solutions. Far more illustrative than a guided tour or required course/class, this library ARG encourages players to discover and utilize resources within the context of the game, generating fluency in library systems, places and platforms. But more importantly, the ARG invites a process of “meta-level reflection” invaluable throughout a patron’s academic career.



Augmented reality games, Alternate reality games, Libraries