The National Plant Diagnostic Network: partnering to protect plant systems


The National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) has developed into a critical component of the plant biosecurity infrastructure of the United States. The vision set forth in 2002 for a distributed but coordinated system of plant diagnostic laboratories at land grant universities and state departments of agriculture has been realized. NPDN, in concept and in practice, has become a model for cooperation among the public and private entities necessary to protect our natural and agricultural plant resources. Aggregated into five regional networks, NPDN laboratories upload diagnostic data records into a National Data Repository at Purdue University. By facilitating early detection and providing triage and surge support during plant disease outbreaks and arthropod pest infestations, NPDN has become an important partner among federal, state, and local plant protection agencies and with the industries that support plant protection.


Citation: Stack, J., . . . & Luke, E. (2014). The National Plant Diagnostic Network: Partnering to Protect Plant Systems. Plant Disease, 98(6), 708-715.


National Plant Diagnostic Network, Plant biosecurity