Validity of the static-exchange approximation for inner-shell photoionization of polyatomic molecules


The simple single-channel static-exchange approximation completely ignores correlation between the continuum and molecular ion electrons. In molecular systems with symmetry equivalent atoms, the single-channel approximation can seriously fail in core ionization when using delocalized orbitals to represent the core hole states. We present cross sections and molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions with both localized and delocalized core orbitals in CF4 F (1s) ionization. We show that only a full coupled-channel calculation can recover an accurate description of the physics of inner-shell photoionization when using delocalized orbitals, whereas nearly the same result can be obtained from independent single-channel static-exchange calculations when localized core orbitals are used. A grid-based variational method described here makes such single-channel calculations possible on larger systems without local-exchange approximations. Illustrative calculations on the core ionization of SF6 are presented to illustrate the power of the grid-based method.