Garrison, Pottawatomie County



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Kansas State University, The Chapman Center for Rural Studies


The town of Garrison in Pottawatomie County, Kansas is one of the most interesting towns of the Blue River Valley, with distinct and determined people. Founded around 1880, Garrison was destroyed in 1959 to create Tuttle Creek Dam and Reservoir. This study uses a plat maps, oral interviews, and historical letters to give some life to a town long gone. Although one study of Garrison exists, most of the people who can remember it are also gone. Yet there is enough information to give a fair description of this river village that was once part of a twelve-town Blue River Valley community .


Frank Gent, “Garrison, Pottawatomie County,” Chapman Center Research Collections,


Big Blue River, Garrison, Olsburg, Pottawatomie County, Tuttle Creek Dam, Westmoreland