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Touchstone is Kansas State University's student-edited literary arts magazine that showcases literary work by graduate and undergraduate students. It is published annually each spring by the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from Kansas State University's creative writing faculty, the Fine Arts Council, and the English Department.
CONTENTS: Naked pilgrim, forgotten nomad / Dominic Lanning Smith -- Father?going to work / Wes Beal -- Going into town / Wes Beal -- Great-grandfather Morrissey / Tarisa Matsumoto -- At my mother's house / Victoria Schlesinger -- Francis / Annette McPeters -- Dead wood / J. Catherine Freise -- Chiaroscuro / Daniel Locke -- Pietro's intermezzo / Jonathan Small -- Scranton X-mas blues / Chris McCreary -- Diner talk / Paul Busenitz -- The lady and the dog / Robert Cooperman -- The sting of barbed wire / C.R. Wilson
Citation: Brown, P.W. & Justice, R.E. (Eds.). (1995). Touchstone, 27.
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