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Kansas State University. Dept. of Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community


Seven master's degree candidates in the K-State Department of Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community Planning participated in a collaborative studio process leading to completion of their individual master’s reports. These graduates chose to work under the topic Landscapes of Learning . The interests of the group were broad: biophilia, access to nature for children, childhood development and special needs, ecological interpretation, participatory design, public play spaces, and landform as art. The common conversation centered around big questions: How can all children have access to nature for learning through play? What creates a rich, outdoor environment for all kinds of children and young adults? The students' annotated bibliography begins with a literature map grouping references by sub-topic and showing interrelationship between texts. The diagram is followed by a complete list of references, then the annotated entries, arranged by sub-topic. This bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive; its strength lies in connecting literature on environments for children to related themes in child development, landscape architecture and planning.



Landscape of Learning, Schoolyard, Natural learning, Experiential learning, Nature access, Children's environments