Zeandale, Riley County



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Kansas State University, The Chapman Center for Rural Studies


Zeandale, to many who have lived in Riley County, Kansas, for any length of time, is just that one road to the east that one rarely finds reason to take. Turning on to Zeandale Drive, I found myself in this exact position, unable to bring to mind any other reason I would be making the journey if not for research. The road wound to the east, and the trees surrounding the road caused me to reconsider if I had made the right turn; it certainly did not look like “Corn Valley.”


Leota Boisclair, “Zeandale, Riley County,” Chapman Center Research Collections, https://ccrsresearchcollections.omeka.net/items/show/67.


Blasing Springs, Zeandale, Riley County, New England Emigrant Aid Company, Zeandale Christian Congregational Church, Dr. William Blasing