Technique through technology: Estill voice model through distance learning



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In my videos, you will see three different lessons with different groups of high school students through the use of an online learning platform. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I, as an educator, needed to adapt to the circumstances of this unprecedented time. In the first video high school treble voices can be heard learning about the True Vocal Fold Body-Cover as addressed in the Estill Voice Model. In the second video high school bass voices are learning about the False Vocal Folds as addressed by the Estill Voice Model. Finally, in the third video, a mixed group of students can be seen applying knowledge learned through previous lessons on identifying different aspects of the Estill Voice Model. During my time working on my Master’s at Kansas State University, my experiences have challenged my previously held notions on why educators teach the way we do. Through research of prestigious music educators, such as Christopher Small, I have asked myself to look at the full spectrum of music education. Why are we complacent in the status quo of traditional teaching strategies? Are we truly doing what is best for the student or are we more interested in what others would consider a “perfect performance”? The first set of questions begs for the second set to be addressed; which is to look at myself in how I prepare for the rehearsal and how my own teaching strengths and weaknesses affect the choir rehearsal process. Am I holding true to past teachings of those who came before me just because that is the way it is done or will I take this knowledge and adapt it to the particular needs of my students and the music? These two major developments in my teaching and philosophy have spurred exponential growth in myself as an educator that has translated into growth of my students in musicality and independence.



Estill Voice Model, Technology, Distance learning, Voice technique, Vocal, Choir

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Julie Yu Oppenheim