Sila-bac and molasses additives for high moisture sorghum grain



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Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station


Sila-bac, molasses, or both combined were evaluated as additives for ensiled high moisture sorghum grain. Control grain had the greatest increase in temperature during ensiling. Grain treated with Sila-bac had the highest lactobacilli count but control grain had the fastest drop in pH. Sila-bac grain was the most stable in air and remained stable for 30 days. Control grain was stable for 21 days; grain treated with molasses or molasses plus Sila-bac was stable until day 5. Group-fed steers receiving Sila-bac grain gained faster and were more efficient than steers fed control or molasses-treated grain. Individually fed steers gained fastest when receiving molasses treated grain. Those receiving Sila-bac grain were the most efficient.



Beef, Sila-bac, Molasses, Sorghum grain