Screening for Soybean Varieties Resistant to Soybean Aphid


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One of the basic measures to control insect pests uses insect resistance found in crop varieties. We carried out screening work on cultivars of soybeans resistant to soybean aphids (Aphis glycines Matsumura) in order to obtain resistant sources and study the mechanism of resistance. The objectives of screening are to identify soybean cultivars that are not only resistant to aphids, but also to virus diseases. We adopted simple and convenient screening methods due limitations of human resources and time. During the peak of the soybean aphid occurrence in 1983, we selected 181 accessions of soybean materials from 902 grown in our institute's nursery of cultivar resources, after investigatng the occurrence damage caused by aphids. After planting these 181 soybean accessions in plots in 1984 and carrying out two investigations on June 13 and September 5, 42 further accessions of soybean materials were selected. Of the 42 accessions, 19 accessions were selected after two investigations carried out July 2 and October 5. The 19 accessions were planted again in 1986 in plots, and two investigations were carried out June 27 and July 12, respectively. Plot-setting methods: every cultivar was planted in one plot, and no replicates were made. Each plot was 2 meters long and 3 rows were planted. Scoring standard in investigations: the scoring standard of resistance varies according to the different dates of investigation.
Originating text in Chinese.
Citation: Fan, Yi-Heng. (1988). Screening for Soybean Varieties Resistant to Soybean Aphid. Soybean Science, 7(2), 167-169.