Evaluation of wheat middlings-based supplements at different crude protein concentrations for cattle consuming winter range forage



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Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service


Influence of increasing crude protein concentration in a wheat middlings-based supplement was evaluated in an intake/digestion trial. Protein-supplemented steers demonstrated increased (P<.01) intake of dormant, bluestem-range forage when compared with unsupplemented steers. Although increasing concentration of supplemental crude protein from 15 to 20% substantially increased (P<.01) forage and total dry matter intake. only slight increases in forage and total dry matter intake occurred when the concentration exceeded 20%. Protein supplementation increased (P<.01) fiber and dry matter digestibilities. Additionally. fiber digestibility tended (P=.087) to increase with increasing crude protein concentration of the supplement. Results suggest that when feeding a wheat middlings-based supplement. the crude protein concentration should be 20% or higher to optimize use of poor-quality forage.



Beef, Protein, Supplementation, Wheat middlings, Intake, Digestibility, Winter range