Work as a source of positive emotional experiences and the discourses informing positive assessment


This study updates and extends current understandings of the organizational experiences likely to evoke positive emotions by examining 835 U.S. employees’ responses of their best workplace experiences. Responses included 17 positive experiences (recognition, relationships, reward, autonomy, appreciation, success, boss/mentorship, climate, opportunity, teamwork, resources, altruistic work, voice, social support, flexibility, challenge, triumph, and commitment) that typified five social discourses (power-empowerment, individualism-uniqueness, success-accomplishment, belonging-affiliation, and safety-security). Employee responses underscore the idea that the experiences at work evoking positive emotions are predominantly social (positive affective responses to others) and rooted in social, historical discourses or systems of meaning.



Positive organizing, Positive organizational scholarship, Positive emotions, Job satisfaction, Organizational communication