Report "Historical Narrative Report - Port Veterinarian's Branch, New York Port of Embarkation, From 11 July 1921 to 7 December 1941"


circa 1920-1949

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This a historical narrative report about the Port Veterinarian's Branch at the New York Port of Embarkation from when it was created around July 11, 1921. The report covers July 1921 to December 7, 1941. It details the history of the Veterinary Service, including chain of command and officers. The Depot Veterinarian was tasked with inspecting meats and dairy products for troops in foreign stations purchased by the Quatermaster Supply Officer. There is some information about Port Newark, which was desiganted as a sub-depot.Hershberger reported for service at the port in March 1938. In December 1939, the port also took over inspection for the Panama Railroad Company.