Children's responses to a social story song in three inclusive preschool classrooms: A pilot study


2014-12-02, 2014-06-23

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The social story is a pedagogical strategy presented individually, often in print, to primary grade children with autism. Authors examined teachers’ perceptions of the effect of a social story song adapted for preschoolers in six inclusive classes. A board certified music therapist composed a social story song set to a familiar melody about waiting, a behavior of significant concern for preschool teachers teaching on a military post. Teachers, trained by the music therapist, implemented the social story song within each of their part day, multi-age classrooms for five weeks. Results of this pilot suggest teachers perceived the training to be sufficient for immediate use and the song effective in modifying behavior in both exceptionally and typically developing children when either the teacher or children initiated it. Social story songs for preliterate children may be an effective intervention strategy to support behavior change within inclusive preschool settings.



Early childhood education, Military families, Inclusion, Social story songs, Music therapy, Preschool, Autism