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Touchstone is Kansas State University's student-edited literary arts magazine that showcases literary work by graduate and undergraduate students. It is published annually each spring by the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from Kansas State University's creative writing faculty, the Fine Arts Council, and the English Department.
CONTENTS: The day out / Shelagh Stromberg -- Triumvirate / Thomas Iver Bradley -- "From this valley . . . " / Ann Carrel -- Rowing out to an island of swans / Karen Heckathorn -- Tree poem / Karen Heckathorn -- A woman's quarrel with the world / Karen Heckathorn -- Daguerreotype / R.J. White -- Spoleto / G.T. Cook -- Dante and Matelda / G.T. Cook -- Iphigenia / Shelagh Stromberg -- Reunion / Dan Safford -- There, I told you, the right foreleg / Steve Bark -- Twitched / Steve Bark -- Lines for my mother / Taviishi Tewari-Malhotra -- Eugenic poem in the form of an admonition / Thomas Iver Bradley -- Sunflowers a la Van Gogh / Ron Koehler -- The treacherous death of Jesse James / Ann Carrel -- At the family reunion / Marilyn Mann McCulley -- For a husband unlike Matisse / Marilyn Mann McCulley -- The calico cat sleeps / R.T. Wilson -- Step right up / Kerry Van Taylor
Citation: Buchanan, C. (Ed). (1980). Touchstone, Spring.
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