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Kansas State University


Now-a-days people from various backgrounds need different information on demand. People are relying on web as a source of information they need. But to get connected to internet all the time with a computer system is not possible. Android, being open source has already made its mark in the mobile application development. The highest smart phone user base and the ease of developing the applications in Android is an added advantage for the users as well as the Android developers.

The vocal combo is an Android application which provides the required functionality on Android supported smart phone or a tablet. This provides the flexibility of accessing information at the users’ fingertips. This application is built using Android SDK, which makes the application easy to deploy on any Android powered device. Vocal Combo is a combination of voice based applications. It includes a Text-To-Voice convertor and Voice-To-Text convertor. This application helps the user to learn the pronunciation of various words. At the same time the user can also check his/her pronunciation skills. This application also provides the functionality of meaning check where the user can check the meaning of the words he types in or speaks out. At any point of time, the user can check the history of the words for which he has checked the meaning or pronunciation for. The application also provides the support to the user on how to use this application.



Android, TextToSpeech, Voice Recognition, Voice Dictionary

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Mitchell L. Neilsen