View of the west end of Rock Island bridge after the flood, Manhattan, KS, June 1935



Touchstone is Kansas State University's student-edited literary arts magazine that showcases literary work by graduate and undergraduate students. It is published annually each spring by the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from Kansas State University's creative writing faculty, the Fine Arts Council, and the English Department.
CONTENTS: Just the beginning / William Luvaas -- The illusionist and the hymn book / Gary Johnson -- House rules / William E. Crane -- Two poems / William E. Crane -- A translation from Ki No Tsurayuki / Michael L. Johnson -- Leave the words / J. L. Kubicek -- An apology / R. Hayden -- rainy days (with no savings) / Ruthann Robson -- Family reunion / Jeff Boyer -- Two poems / Greg German -- On the road / Erleen J. Christensen -- Circus / Dee Waler -- Two poems / R. T. Wilson -- Widow / Sue Saniel Elkind -- Arrival at Firenze Christmas, 1981 / Mary Martin -- He can go home, I guessed we pulled the wrong nigga this time / Aisha Eshe -- Both faire and browne, spungie Eyes and dry corke / Duane Locke -- winter narrative / Andrea Moorhead -- Across the alley from a convent / Elizabeth Rees -- Insomnia / Marianne Andrea
Citation: Friedmann, R. (Ed.). (1983). Touchstone, Fall/Winter.
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