Crowd in front of new Union Pacific stream-lined train, Manhattan, KS, April 10, 1934



Touchstone is Kansas State University's student-edited literary arts magazine that showcases literary work by graduate and undergraduate students. It is published annually each spring by the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from Kansas State University's creative writing faculty, the Fine Arts Council, and the English Department.
CONTENTS: Tomorrow / Nancy Larsen Sanders -- Photography / Dave Haines -- The boy and himself / Michael Hayden -- Hot brandy and lights / Paul Rawlings -- Belle haven / Barbara Marcus -- Untitled / William Williams -- Sounding, Born you are / Hjohnsanders -- The draw, Lines / David Haines -- "Insidious" / Susan Haines -- A drawing / David Haines -- And shall no more / Michael Hayden
Citation: Eickelberg, F.C. (Ed.). (1964) Touchstone, 6(1).
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