Tree limb falling with the removal of dead tree in front of Elks Club, Houston St, Manhattan, KS, March 11, 1936



Touchstone is Kansas State University's student-edited literary arts magazine that showcases literary work by graduate and undergraduate students. It is published annually each spring by the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from Kansas State University's creative writing faculty, the Fine Arts Council, and the English Department.
CONTENTS: Just before the letters started coming / Larry Patterson -- Gleanings from the press of 1860 / Robert Hepburn -- The shore is shorn / Donald D. St. Clair -- The rent / Robert Johnson -- Liberty / Keith Peters -- Small tribute / Anne Hastings -- The fall / William C. Latta, Jr. -- Dawn / Gary Bennett -- Rhythm tree / Imogene E. Lamb -- Witch-winter / Imogene E. Lamb -- "Ma Belle Dame--merci!" / Robert Hepburn -- Rebirth / Alan Campbell -- The pagan / Alan Campbell -- Riddle in the thunderstorm / William C. Latta, Jr. -- Elegy / Patsy Campbell -- The sylvan wood nymph / Ken Keefer -- Between the idea and the reality / Art Hobson -- Dawn / Art Hobson.
Citation: Johnson, R.L. (Ed.). (1960). Touchstone, Spring.
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