Utilization of Lysiphlebia japonica (Hymen.: Braconidae)


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The soybean aphid, Aphis glycines is one of the main pests of soybean. Extensive application of chemicals results in rapid increase of resistance of A. glycines against pesticides and serious damage to the soybean incurred by the high aphid population. Of the natural enemies, Lysiphlebia japonica was found to be a dominant species during investigation. This species is distributed broadly in all the soybean-planting areas. During 5 years of wasp release experiments during 1979-1983, the parasitism rates were over 56 % with the highest up to 76 % in the soybean fields, and the soybean leaf-rolling rates were under 1 % when the soybean aphids had a medium density.
Originating text in Chinese.
Citation: Gao, Junfeng. (1985). Utilization of Lysiphlebia japonica (Hymen.: Braconidae). Natural Enemies of Insects, 7(3), 152-154.