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  • Eaton, Roger G.
    In the beginning, there was SQL/DS. Developed by IBM as an expansion to Sequel (a derivative of its first relational DBMS effort, System R), it served VSE/SP installations, and later, VM/SP. Its reception was lukewarm. ...
  • Eaton, Roger G.
    As I lay in my hospital room recovering from an emergency appendectomy, the surgeon described the operation. His confidence was comforting; that is, until he tried to explain the purpose of the tissue he had removed from ...
  • Eaton, Roger G.
    The solution was not exactly gift-wrapped, but our investment management company was able to respond to a competitive market effectively with the help of an integrated CASE tool. By effectively, I mean the solution satisfied ...
  • Eaton, Roger G.
    Justified Confusion and wonderment exists about the support of repositories, data dictionaries, and encyclopedias for the SQL/DS platform. In my role as an SQL/DS DBA, I was obliged to design and develop my own data ...
  • Eaton, Roger G.
    One of the virtues of SQL/ OS is an optimizer to perform data access path selection. Because SQL/DS's optimizer determines data access paths, SQL/DS provides the EXPLAIN command to retrieve information about optimizer ...

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