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Kansas State University has a rich and colorful history, much of which is documented in publications and photographic images held by the Richard L.D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections. Included in this collection are materials that depict the people, buildings, and events that comprise K-State history.

K-State Libraries’ digital collections may include images and text reflecting various forms of oppression, including but not limited to offensive language or negative stereotypes. Instances of bigotry reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of those that created and participated in them and should be considered records of the era in which they were produced. The collection period includes the modern day, as born digital resources are collected regularly. They are presented here without censorship as evidence of past activities.

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  • Kratzinger, Elsie; Marty, Jessie (1908)
    Introduction: This study and experiment extended through the month of April, 1908. The meals were prepared and served in one of the laboratories of Kedzie Hall. There were twelve girls that took part in the experiment, and ...
  • Kiser, Orville M.; Praeger, Herman A. (1908)
    Introduction: In choosing this work for our thesis we have intended to show the variation of soil moisture to a depth of four feet in three different plots; wheat, corn, and alfalfa, respectively, during the spring season ...
  • Kirby, A. W.; Marshall, P. E. (1908)
    Introduction: The importance of reliable measurement of electrical power is at once evident. The increasing demand for electrical power has made it necessary that a unit of power be established, and that instruments be ...
  • Kimble, Venus (1908)
    Introduction: A question that might interest the public of today is; Why Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are among the best liked of our presidents? The writer in trying to answer this question has found it necessary ...
  • Kerr, Almira E. (1908)
    Introduction: In all medical treatment of the present day the fact is being realized that the health of a person depends upon the kind of food taken into the body. Let us consider what a food is. Food is anything which ...

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