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  • Wolf, Nelle (1908)
    Introduction: “More than any other spot in the home should the dining room express comfort, hospitality, and good cheer.” Since it is the one place where each day the average husband and father is permitted to enjoy the ...
  • Wilson, J. A.; Strong, H. D. (1908)
    Introduction: The voltage regulation of electrical generators has always been a very important problem, and one that has been very difficult to solve. Formerly when the field was held by shunt generators the supply depended ...
  • Wilson, Frances Odell (1908)
    Introduction: There is no reason why an ordinary girl cannot earn her way through college provided she be encouraged and given instructions in regard to the kinds of labor she could best do and carry on her regular college ...
  • Wilson, Bruce Steinhoff (1908)
    Introduction: The United States Army was not born, in a time of peace, for conquest. It was born during the birth throes of our nation, for defense. A willful, patriotic, and vigorous race of democrats had taken possession ...
  • Willis, Clara (1908)
    Introduction: Vacation Schools. Life Among the Mill Operatives. The problem of taking care of the children of the poor and helping them during the summer months becomes one of the utmost interest in large cities. It is ...

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