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  • Bachmeier, Lance J.; Pozo, Veronica F.; Schroeder, Ted C. (2020-02-01)
    We examine price transmissions among farm, wholesale and retail U.S. beef markets using two types of retail price data, one collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the other one collected at the point of ...
  • Atems, Bebonchu; Bachmeier, Lance J.; Williams, Corey (2018-07-30)
    The paper studies the predictive content of jet fuel prices for the U.S. aviation industry through in-sample and out-of-sample forecasting exercises. Our results suggest the possibility of limited improvements in the ...
  • Bachmeier, Lance J.; Plante, Michael (2018-06-05)
    The combination of high inflation and high unemployment experienced in the 1970s and early 1980s has been perhaps the most important macroeconomic event since the Great Depression. Figure 1 shows that there were two spikes ...
  • Bachmeier, Lance J.; Nadimi, Soheil R. (2018-11-01)
    Asset return volatility is important to the macroeconomy. This paper asks whether oil price volatility can be used as a predictor of stock return volatility. In contrast with previous research, we focus on the out-of-sample ...
  • Alawin, M.; Al-Hamdi, Mohaned; Alomeri, M. (2016-05-01)
    Electricity is the most known form of energy that is related to production and crucial determinant of economic growth. This paper aims at identifying the determinants of electricity demand in Jordan. To achieve that goal ...

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