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Sustainability Conference, 2011


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  • Griswold, Wendy (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    The poster will provide a description of the use of book clubs in classroom and community settings to promote ecoliteracy. It will reference research literature on the topic as well aspractice based tips, reading lists ...
  • Bell, Michelle; Hasler, Fred (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    Current techniques in calculation, design of lighting, and measurement primarily focus on how the human eye perceives illumination photopically. What we know is that at night the eye primarily utilizes scotopic vision, ...
  • Boguski, Terrie; Boguski, Rebecca (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    In his book, The Triple Bottom Line, Andrew Savitz highlights the need to evaluate human decisions and activities from the perspective of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. In the late 1960’s, methods for ...
  • Knight, Jonathan (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    A community has seven community assets: physical, environmental, cultural, social, financial, political, and human. Together these assets affect how a community develops, grows, and changes. This presentation, entitled ...
  • Depcik, Christopher (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    University of Kansas (KU) students, who refer to themselves as the EcoHawks, apply engineering techniques in order to solve real-world problems by approaching the situation from five vectors of success: education, energy, ...

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